Bríd Kennedy – Vision

My clients say they value me as a warm, compassionate psychotherapist and psychologist.

My vision is to combine that warmth and compassion with my knowledge, skills and experience in Psychology and Psychotherapy to bring the best service to my clients.

I see myself as a privileged companion for clients, as they negotiate challenges in their personal and work lives.  I believe that clients always carry the resolution to their challenges. My skill is enabling their awareness and capacity to manage or change their lives.

I offer an integrative approach to my clients including CBT, specialising in trauma-informed approaches, and drawing from a thorough wide and deep knowledge of psychology. My client work is evidence based and well-founded in psychological best practice.

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (Work and Organisational) and a qualified Counselling Psychotherapist, pre-accredited with IACP.