Organisational Development

Find out how the IWOC Corporate Development Process can help your business.


Detailed audit and analysis to observe, listen and really understand your company. e.g. Assessment of current situation: through interviews (formal, informal) observation, surveys (leaders/managers/work teams….).

Gauge your work team’s current state of mind, define how much resistance may be under the surface, then recommend best way to move forward

Review of findings.

Prepare formulation – executive summary, key findings, assessment results, recommendations.


Present report and work with designated company representatives to design an action plan.


Develop goals.

Plan how goals will be achieved.

Build in evaluation tools.


Who, What, Where, When, How, Time, reporting.

Communication: Develop a communication plan that reaches all audiences using a variety of channels to motivate change How will we know that we are doing what we intended?

How will we know when we have achieved?


While implementation is often an in-house stage of the process, IWOC can work at appropriate levels (individual, work team or whole organisation) as appropriate. For example we can offer focussed training events or coaching, leadership development including middle-manager development. Equally we are available for consultation throughout the implementation phase.


Evaluation is designed based on goal achievement – this is a critical element, as it facilitates your judgement on how or whether your goals have been met. It then facilitates resetting of goals and their readjustment. In this way the improvement process is sustained. Realignment takes place, and organisational development progresses. Thus we can continue the IWOC process cycle.