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IWOC for School Personnel

  • Teacher Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness Based Intervention for Teachers (MBIT) – Based on MBSR and particularly focused for teachers’ challenging and  often stressful work lives
  • Life-coaching – Cognitive Behavioural Coaching – offers Cognitive Behavioural approaches to life-coaching, based on extensive CBT research and practice
  • Work-Life Balance for Teachers
  • Career development and planning (proven track record on job interview preparation – excellent results here)
  • Personality Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Skills development: e.g. Motivation, Negotiation and Communication
  • Conflict management and resolution

IWOC has considerable experience in education and welcomes working with all education personnel – lecturers, teachers, SNAs, principals, deputy principals, and teacher groups participating in programmes in Education Centres, in-school strategic development initiatives, and group / individual coaching.


IWOC offers workshops to teachers/schools* on  Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology to help teens 

  • Manage emotions
  • Achieve Goals and
  • Build Connection

Adolescents face pressures and worries as they try to understand who they are, and what they want to do.  This approach helps teens to cultivate strengths, overcome negativity, live in the present, and make choices that lead them to achieve their full potential.  It  offers powerful techniques based on ACT and Positive Psychology to help adolescents manage emotions, connect with their values, use mindfulness, and develop healthy relationships.

Bríd has received specialised training with Lousie Hayes (author) November 2017, and is delighted to bring this approach to schools and Irish adolescent teens and their teachers.

  • *based on The Thriving Adolescent -(Hayes and Ciarochi, 2015)

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