Career Coaching

graphic describing Brid Kennedy's approach to career coaching

  • Career Coaching is usually a planned series of one-to-one sessions.
  • We work with you to develop your career goals.
  • We select from a range of psychometric assessments to suit your situation and expressed needs.
  • We support you in identifying your current priorities, your preferences and look at how to overcome challenges and obstacles that may come in your way.
  • We support you in finding a path towards achieving your career preferences and goals.

For students in second level (over 16s), and including students with exceptional learning abilities

At this important time of change and choice in a young person’s life IWOC brings a wealth of experience in career coaching and work socialisation to their young clients.

Contracting is with both parent/guardian and the young person, and at this stage we identify clearly each party’s expectations and goals, establish a confidentiality agreement and the time frame for coaching.

Psychometric assessment will be offered to assist the young person to identify strengths, interests, personality traits, abilities, skills, aptitudes and facilitate exploration of possible career paths. We work together to identify short and long term goals to assist career planning, including what and who can help as well as obstacles that may be encountered.

Services include:

  • Research on possible routes to desired career paths, including 3rd level options in Ireland and overseas
  • Opportunities in further education
  • Opportunities using distance education
  • Assistance with CAO applications
  • Assistance with DARE applications (where relevant).