About IWOC

 This is IWOC

IWOC brings psychological services to people.

IWOC (Independent Work and Organisational Consulting) is a Work & Organisational Psychology Practice.   IWOC specialises in providing customised development solutions to individuals, groups and organisations. We support people to find evidence based solutions, across the community, in both public and private sectors.

Our principles are simple: We build individual, group and organisational efficacy, create solutions, and deliver advantage.

At IWOC we understand our clients’ workplaces and organisations, and bring our strategic approach to bear so that we can help deliver on individual, group and organisational objectives.

Based in Co Clare, services nationwide.

Confidentiality is paramount. Client names or organisations are not published.  For further information and appointments please contact us directly.

Bríd and her associates select appropriate interventions for clients, drawing from a wide and diverse range of approaches.

Recent interventions have included Work-life Balance, Conflict Management, Anti Bullying, Resilience, Wellbeing, Personality Awareness, Team development, Leadership development and coaching, Change Management.

Coaching supports people in their work and organisational issues, e.g. Dealing with workplace stress; Relationships in the work place; Career development; Coaching support for individuals and groups in meeting challenging work experiences.  IWOC uses strongly supported evidence based approaches – e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)), Mindfulness based coaching (ACT and MBSR based)

We use a broad range of psychometric instruments.  Bríd is qualified as a BPS accredited assessor, Levela A and B.  The Saville Wave is included in our range of psychometric assessments, available to our clients.

portrait of Brid KennedyIWOC Founder and Principal is Bríd Kennedy, Dip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Chartered Psychol Ps.S.I., M Sc Work & Organisational Psychology, M Sc APLD, Dip Life and Business Coaching, Dip Counselling Skills.

Bríd is a Chartered Work & Organisational Psychologist. She brings expertise in Coaching, Mindfulness, CBT and ACT based approaches, Psychometrics and other evidence based solutions to her clients.  She has researched and presented papers on topics including Motivation, Inclusion, Well-being in the workplace, Job analysis, Improving Recruitment systems.

Brid is well known for her recent work as a Health and Wellbeing Advisor with the Professional Development Service for Teachers, providing  support for teachers in all aspects of Health and Wellbeing.  This has ranged from designing and delivering seminars on Child Protection in light of the updated Child Protection Procedures 2017, and has assisted school leaders in understanding their obligations and practices under these procedures and under Children First Act 2015.

As well as supporting teachers in their curriculum delivery to students in Health and Wellbeing, Brid has a particular interest in the analysis, design, development , implementation and evaluation of Teacher Wellbeing.  Whole school wellbeing depends on healthy and well teachers.

Bríd works with carefully chosen associates to deliver quality service to IWOC clients.  Recently, Bríd has been a founding member of - Psychology at Work - a consortium of  psychologists of various disciplines – Work and Organisational, Clinical, Educational, Coaching etc. She looks forward to further developments with her colleagues to enhance services for people and organisations.


You can follow Bríd on Twitter @bridkennedy3.